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Bracelet fundraiser: Southwest Oasis Lab Rescue

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Meet Athena

Beading Divas is thrilled to have Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue as our fundraising partner for November. Read this amazing story how they are helping a dog who caught her leg in a bear trap.

Athena is a 2-year-old yellow female that came to Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue (SOLR) from Mexico. Her original owners let her run around in an open area and one day discovered her caught in a bear trap.  They rushed her to the veterinarian and a partial amputation of her right front leg was performed, which thankfully saved her life. Athena gets around well but definitely ambulates more slowly than a dog that has all four feet and her owner was concerned that she would not be safe or able to get away from large predators in the area. Her owner reached out to a well-meaning group in Mexico who took her in, then reached out to SOLR for help.

After making her long journey to the United States, Athena was seen by another veterinarian and was diagnosed with Ehrlichia (commonly known as Tick Fever) and an amputation stump infection. Both of these conditions could be life threatening, so SOLR and our veterinarians started medical treatment immediately. After just a few days of treatment and adjustment, Athena came out of her state of exhaustion and began to show her true personality.

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Athena’s foster mom has decided Athena is the sweetest, most kindhearted, gentle, and loving dog there ever was. She enriches the lives of everyone she meets with a joyful welcome and wagging tail. She loves to play with her toys and lay at your feet.

Athena has been seen by the Hanger Clinic in Tucson, a company that specializes in human orthopedics and prosthetics, to see if it is possible to create a prosthetic for her foot. The Hanger Clinic has graciously devoted a team of physicians and scientists to Athena’s case. As soon as the Hanger Clinic is finished fitting this adorable girl with a prosthetic limb to enable her to move more freely, she’ll be ready to start her new life with her forever family.

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You know you want one or two or more bracelets. Do your holiday shopping early and help pay Athena’s vet bills and more.  Bracelets are one-of-a-kind, made with donated beads and a dangling paw charm. Bracelets cost $20/no tax. Bracelets can be purchased on Etsy and shipped worldwide. You can also buy bracelets locally in Tucson at:

–-Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Avenue, 520-624-9954, meter parking until 5 PM M-F, free parking weekends

–-Clues Unlimited Mystery Book Store, 3146 E. Fort. Lowell Road, 520-326-8533, free parking

*** Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue also has bracelets for sale.


  1. Stacey Bentley
    Stacey Bentley

    I love what you are doing to save our beloved animals. I wanted to buy a bracelet, they are beautiful, but they are not my style and I can’t think of anyone to buy it for and give as a gift.
    Did you ever consider making different styles? I am an older woman and I like a little more conservative jewelry). Or beading necklaces or earrings? Just a thought…
    God bless you, Divas!

    November 1, 2019
  2. Stacey, we appreciate your question but we have been doing what we’ve been doing for 10+ years and raised more than $215,000 so far for animal charities near and far. So, the answer is no. We have a formula that works for our all volunteer organization. Necklaces and earrings would only complicate our mission.

    November 1, 2019

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