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Valley Fever Lab saved by SW Oasis Lab Rescue

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Graceful Gracie

Gracie is a two-year old female lab mix. She came to Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue (SOLR) very thin, weak and with skin sores that were open and bleeding due to a severe case of Valley Fever that had gone untreated for far too long. This little girl could barely wag her tail when SOLR took her in. After three months in foster care and extensive medical treatment, Gracie’s skin is almost healed. She is gaining weight and starting to discover what it’s like to be a happy and healthy dog.

Gracie is starting to find her “inner Labrador.”  She is eating well, gaining weight and is learning to play with toys. It’s so sad to think that this sweet girl never even played with a toy before joining SOLR.  Some of Gracie’s favorite things are giving kisses and using the doggie door to go outside and sunbathe or play with her foster siblings.

Due to the severity of her Valley Fever infection Gracie will need medication for the foreseeable future. SOLR has been monitoring her closely and will ensure her condition is stable before putting her up for adoption.  Gracie will benefit from spending time bonding with her new family. She is eager to learn and her leash manners will improve in no time. Gracie would be ecstatic to find a home with children to grow up with.

This beautiful young girl is a sweet and earnest companion who wants nothing more than to find a place to eat, sleep and play, and a forever family to love. Gracie has a heart of gold and will make some lucky family very happy.


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