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GreySave Acclimates Rescued Greyhounds to their New Lives

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Our May/June fundraising partner is GreySave, a greyhound adoption and support group in Southern California. GreySave’s primary mission is to rescue and adopt retired greyhounds from the Caliente Dog Racetrack in Tijuana, Mexico. Here is a description of how they prepare rescued dogs for their new lives:
When the call comes from the kennel owner at the track telling us he has dogs for us, GreySave begins its mission of transitioning former racing greyhounds into 45MPH couch potatoes. Among the many things the hounds have to learn about are jumping into and out of cars, soft beds, blankets, toys, treats, walks, house manners and how to live with others. Humans are easiest for the dogs to adjust to, as they’ve always been a part of track life. Besides teaching everyday mundane things, GreySave volunteer foster homes teach cohabitating with tortoises, rabbits, chickens, iguanas, parrots, cats (big and small) and all types of canine buddies. The photos show how well GreySave has done with some of our recent racing retirees including Leia and her tortoise, Sis and her static haired pal, and Duke the spaniel with his BFF Erin. Of course, there are also kittens, chickens and Baxter the bunny to round out the menagerie.





You can help GreySave Friends find homes for more deserving pets like Leia, Sis, and Erin by purchasing one-of-a-kind, handcrafted Beading Divas bracelets.

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