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Lovar Rescue: Even old dogs find love

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compassion for Buddy

Beading Divas Bracelets continue with Lifeline Oro Valley Rescue (LOVAR) as our November fundraising partner.

Some may argue that old dogs are the last dogs on anyone’s wish list. But dogs and cats just like people, don’t ask to get sick and are every bit as deserving to live as any other. Of course, this takes more funds and care usually resulting in a significantly longer length of stay in rescue at the best of times, let alone during a pandemic.

This story gives hope to all which is something the world needs more of right now. 

Buddy’s tumor

Buddy (aka Fred) was obviously in need of medical treatment just by looking at the nasty tumor on his face. Lovar knew they were facing a great expense, with no funding or sponsors to help, but knew they would do everything to help him.

A diagnoses and hope

Lovar fully expected that this senior boy with a very serious medical condition was going to be in their care for a very long time, if not a sanctuary case.

Fortunately, they were wrong and were soon reminded that even amidst crises like a global pandemic, economic uncertainties and the amount of problems and unrest this country was facing, combined with local challenges of fires sweeping through the local mountains at the time, brought out the very best of people.

Cream rises to the top

A couple saw this handsome little boy and saw past his tumor. They saw his charming character and happy-go-lucky personality. Lovar, of course, gave full disclosure about his medical condition and uncertain results for his upcoming surgery but they loved him anyway. Thankfully, the surgery was a success and his margins were clear. We all agreed he should not wait one more day to start his new deserving life with a family who already loved him.

Times are tough for many people but animal rescue marches on. If you’re reading this, you know that your pets are like beloved family members. Please consider making a donation directly to Lovar (Lifeline Oro Valley Animal Rescue) to help fund their good deeds, them going to the extra mile to help a dog or a cat find their perfect forever home.

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One-of-a-kind beaded bracelets are made with donated beads by dedicated and creative volunteers. Every bracelet has a dangling paw charm. Bracelets wrap around the wrist (like a slinky) for easy on/off. Bracelets cost $20/no tax and Lovar receives $18 for every bracelet sold.

The holidays are around the corner so stock up as bracelets make great gifts especially when your giftee learns how her new dazzling piece of jewelry helps dogs and cats in need.

The best selection is online via Etsy.

Locally, you can buy bracelets at:               

NEW LOCATION Fuchsia Spa in La Encantada; cash only $20/no tax.

A limited number of bracelets are still available at our favorite mystery bookstore Clues Unlimited

Silver Sea Jewelry in the historic 4th Avenue shopping district has not reopened yet but you might be able to book an appointment by calling 624-9954. Watch the Facebook page for more news and be sure to check Sundays at 4pm for live home shopping — a great way to support a local small business in Tucson who recently won Tucson Weekly’s Best of Tucson jewelry store. 

During October and November, you can go to PETCO in the Oro Valley Marketplace on Saturdays from 11 am to 2 pm and see some of Lovar’s adoptable pets and choose a bracelet for a $20 donation.

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