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Lovar Honors a Commitment to Diabetic Cat

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To Sir K with Love

This handsome, regal boy was rescued by Lovar from an urgent deadline list along with nine other cats all facing life-ending consequences.

Kelsier was adopted by a wonderful family who after two years had some life impacting changes making it no longer in his best interests to stay, and so, Lovar welcomed him back.

Got Diabetes? 

Lovar noticed his weight had rapidly declined and he was emaciated, his coat was unkept and he was constantly thirsty, signs of diabetes. Diabetes is manageable and has very little impact on a person’s daily schedule but during these uncertain times adopting a special needs cat or dog may not be easy.

Lovar has 11 special needs cases that require ongoing daily medication, test strips, frequent lab work and specialty diets and care. None of these are sponsored so the financial strain impacts our ability to help more pets.

Sir Kelsier is on the mend with his big face, bright eyes, bushy tail, big paws and big heart. His gentle, soulful personality makes him a favorite with other cats even little kittens who treat him like a big daddy and he doesn’t mind a bit.

Lovar makes a promise to honor a commitment and to do no harm. If bling is not your thing, consider making a donation or sponsoring one of their 11 special needs cases requiring long-term veterinary costs.



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