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LOVAR helped senior cat impacted by Covid

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Lovar saved this cat's life
I love Lucy cat

Senior cat impacted by Covid
The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many people and pet families in different ways. Lucy, a 15-year-old cat was loved by her owner, who became homeless and lived in a car with the possibility of moving to Canada, she made the difficult decision that Lucy would be better to find a new home.

The owner contacted shelters and rescues but given lockdowns and uncertainties, she was unable to find placement. Luckily, LOVAR had just begun an initiative to help animals specifically impacted by Covid. Lucy had some age-related health complications previously and a mass removed so it was important to make sure she was healthy enough for adoption. But, first, we wanted to see if the previous owner was able to turn her situation around, so we held Lucy for 90 days.

Lucy seemed to adapt fine and after 3-months, a clean bill of health and found an amazing cat- loving family who had a heart for seniors — Lucy was able to start her own next chapter.

Lovar’s work with Covid & life changes for cat families continues
Since Lucy we have supported situations related to Covid with owners either hospitalized or in some cases, have sadly passed. Lovar intends to continue its work in this area as families in the community continue to become impacted.

Lovar is extremely grateful to the Bonnie Kay Charitable Fund at the Community Foundation of Southern Arizona by supporting this initiative with a small grant. As we enter the 4th quarter of 2020, we now depend on public support so we can help those families and their cats with either temporary help or permanent placement. The purchase of a Beading Divas bracelet or two will help ensure more families and cats like Lucy get the assistance they need.


One-of-a-kind – “jungle cat”

Bracelets are one-of-a-kind, handcrafted by creative volunteers. Every bracelet comes with a paw charm to commemorate our mission. Bracelets cost $20/no tax.  The best selection is online via Etsy.

Locally, you can buy bracelets at:

NEW LOCATION Fuchsia Spa in La Encantada on the northwest corner of Campbell & Skyline, 2905 E. Skyline Dr, #129. Cash only.

*A limited number of bracelets are still available at our favorite bookstore Clues Unlimited which is open Monday – Thursday from 10 am to 2 pm (call to doublecheck hours/days). Curbside pickup is available during these times and browsing will be limited to appointment only. Cash only.

Silver Sea Jewelry is still closed at this time. If you want to help a locally-owned small business celebrating her 27th year in business, please visit the Facebook page and join her on Sundays for online shopping.


  1. Kate K
    Kate K

    So glad Lucy found a loving new home. Thanks LOVAR for working to help cats and families deal with the challenges of COVID19.

    October 11, 2020
  2. Tanya Regan
    Tanya Regan

    I’m glad to read that Rescue groups are helping senior animals left to find a new home due to death or misfortune of their owner. This kindness is a wonderful start to kindness of our humanity.
    Thank you Beading Divas for your support of the Rescues and beautiful bracelets too.

    October 21, 2020

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