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Karuna Horse Rescue – Beading Divas Fundraising Partner

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miniature horse rescued

These are unprecedented times. Because March turned the world upside down and many events were cancelled, the Beading Divas decided to continue with Karuna Horse Rescue for April as well as March.


Bodhi is the smallest member of the Karuna herd.  Just 3 years old, he was abandoned into transit most likely because he is also a cryptorchid horse, a condition in stallions that requires expensive surgery.

Even though he is very tiny, Bodhi was used for pony rides.  This mini-mini horse has a spunky, precious personality and a large spirit. He is very in tune with his human caregivers and enjoys following them around during chores. Bodhi will live a long, beautiful life at Karuna as the heart light of the herd.

BUY BRACELETS ON ETSY                                                     

In this time of uncertainly, here at Beading Divas central, we hope you consider supporting Tucson-based Karuna Horse Rescue by buying a bracelet or two (Mother’s Day is May 10th) or making a direct donation to them.                                                           

Currently, our bracelets are only available online as the two local stores are now closed because of Covid-19. Let’s keep our fulfillment Divas busy!

Buy handcrafted beaded bracelets made with donated beads and a dangling paw charm. Bracelets cost $20/no tax. Bracelets can be purchased on Etsy and shipped worldwide.