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Rumi was abandoned after being a wagon & riding pony for 18 years

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Poor Rumi

Karuna Horse Rescue offers miracles to horses in need. Won’t you help them by buying some bracelets and/or making a direct donation? Be sure to follow them on Facebook too.

RUMI served humans as a riding and wagon pony for 18 years, until he could work no longer and was abandoned to the horse transit system. His chronic respiratory condition, which compromises his breathing and causes asthma-like attacks, made him too expensive to keep as a pet.  Rumi came to Karuna matted, emaciated and skittish of all human interaction.

His rehabilitation has been one of the most intense cases in Karuna’s history. He requires 4 to 6 breathing treatments a day, a range of medications and supplements, steamed hay and specialized living quarters that reduce dust.

Nonetheless, Rumi has emerged as a vital member of the Karuna herd, in tune with his own care plan and highly social with the other horses and human caregivers. The black sheen has returned to his coat and the light to his beautiful blue-black eyes.

Because of Covid-19 bracelets are only available online via Etsy. Bracelets are one-of-a-kind. Bracelets cost $20 and 90% or $18 of every sale benefits Karuna during the month of April. Bracelets make great heartfelt gifts for animal lovers. Bracelets can be shipped worldwide.

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