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Green Valley Paws Patrol, Beading Divas Bracelet Fundraiser

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paws patrol adoptable cat
Bowie purrs: Adopt me

Congratulations to Paws Patrol of Green Valley. At the Beading Divas 10th anniversary celebration, this worthy cat rescue won the random drawing to be our August fundraising partner.

MEET BOWIE                                           

Bowie was in rough shape


When Bowie came to Paws Patrol in March he was found outdoors and very sick. He drooled, his teeth were in poor condition, he sneezed all the time, had terrible ear infections and weighed under five pounds. This is devastating with any cat but especially one that is between 5 to 8 years old. Those first few months with us, Bowie was a regular at the vet office. With time and patience, our volunteers medicated, socialized and nursed him back to good health. Without those bad teeth, he can eat better and gain weight. Today, he is 10 pounds! Bowie no longer drools and his mouth and few remaining teeth look wonderful, plus he’s stopped sneezing. His fur looks so much better thanks to the Paws Patrol volunteers who spent time brushing him.

Now that Bowie is healthy, he can be adopted. He is currently in a foster home receiving love and attention. His white whisker mustache has a striking resemblance to the handsome actor Sam Elliott, don’t you agree? Bowie is tough and enjoys good food and regular grooming. Bowie seeks an indoor forever home where he can be spoiled and give you love in return. He welcomes the friendship of other kitties and humans.

BUY BRACELETS                                             

Buy bracelets to benefit cats like Bowie
for lavender lovers


Handcrafted bracelets are one-of-a-kind made with donated beads and a dangling paw charm, cost $20/no tax. In Tucson, you can buy bracelets at:

–-Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Avenue, 520-624-9954, meter parking until 5 PM M-F, free parking weekends (check for summer hours)

–-Clues Unlimited Mystery Book Store, 3146 E. Fort. Lowell Road, 520-326-8533 (check for summer hours)

— Nadine’s Desert Fashions, 11931 N. 1st Ave., suite 141, Oro Valley, 520-797-4200

During August, you can also buy bracelets at Paws Patrol. Please check their hours.

Buy bracelets online; they are shipped worldwide via Etsy (large selection); postage is based on destination.