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Beading Divas’ Pets

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While the Beading Divas are taking a breather during July from all their efforts to fund-raise, Diva Karyn, who writes the blog, thought it might be fun to write about the Divas’ pets.

Mimzy was turned in to PACC as a stray and was rescued by Tucson Cold Wet Noses. She has ruled our house since March 2009. She is quirky and stubborn, just like everyone else around here, and a very good dog.”  ~ Cynthia            

Silly Sawyer


Sawyer, my adorable whippet, who never met a squeaky toy she didn’t love. She was the most loyal and wonderful girl that I had the pleasure of adding to my family.


Misty was the best dog I ever owned. She was beautiful and graceful. Except when it came to chicken nuggets, she would sell her sister Sawyer in a heartbeat for one.

Both Misty and Sawyer went to the Rainbow Bridge this past year but they will live on forever in my heart.”  ~ Angy

Mr. Winston and Lizzie

Mr. Winston, at 10 years old, is always game for adventure. He loves meeting new people and going places with me. The noise of places doesn’t bother him as he is deaf.

The Babe and Lizzie

The Babe is a sweet 22-year-old homebody who is also deaf. She likes bossing dogs around, wet food, television time and sleeping on my head.” ~ Lizzie

Napping with Dad is 10-year-old Archer” ~ Gail

Archer and Dad


Mochi is named after a Japanese sweet.   She also has a nickname of Jumping Junipers as she jumps and bounces on her hind legs when she gets excited.   She is not a couch potato and has no interest in furniture.   She loves to go to the Tucson Botanical Gardens and never misses a chance to go by the Cafe and see her favorite waitress, who thinks Mochi is the greatest thing that walks the gardens.  Besides being a carnivore…she loves goat milk, yogurt and butter.” ~ Loren                                                              

Nikki lookalike


“Nikki was funny. He stared at the birds outside. Sometimes he sat on the curtain rod and delicately pulled threads out of the curtains much to my mom’s chagrin. He was banished from the curtain rod. My dad covered the cage during dinner so feathers wouldn’t fly in his food as he sat closest to the cage.” ~ Mary Jo

Girlfriend and red socks

“Greyhounds have been my life since 1998 and what a life they have introduced me to.  Here is #4 and #5. Girlfriend is 14+ and Daisy, a brood mama who had 17 offspring, will be 11 in September. She keeps me on my toes.” ~ Karyn                    



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  1. Kate K
    Kate K

    I enjoyed reading about all of the Diva pets!

    July 8, 2019

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