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Ziggy the Cat, the Little Things in Life

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Written by Hannelore Tepper

Ziggy came to Angel’s Cat Sanctuary by the old man bringing him one day in a carrier. He was able to pick him up. I had seen Ziggy a few times under the trailer. One time I bent down and saw him staring at me. He was blinking nonstop. I thought his eyes were sore due to the nonstop blinking, in retrospect he was desperate for help.

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I put Ziggy in the bathroom and made him a bed. He was very scared and hid behind the washing machine. I already had Angel and would let him in. I noticed that they were good friends, and Angel was very loving to Ziggy and was very concerned all day long. He would want to go in and out of bathroom to see him. When Ziggy was so sick for months Angel loved him and helped him, would lay down by his side and watch as I fed Ziggy.

Ziggy was extremely thin only 7 pounds. His hip bones and ribs were sticking out and no fur on him, just this peach fuzz. I noticed that every time he tried to eat he would run away from the food after taking a bite or two. At first I thought he had an eating disorder or maybe he had to fight for his food and was pushed away by all the others. He was a very skittish kitty.

It took a month in that bathroom for him to come out and trust me. I would sit on the floor and have food ready.  I started to puree the food and offer it from my fingers. The feeding like this went on all day. He finally came to trust me and ended up lying on my knees or next to me and fall asleep

It was time to roam the house and everyone accepted him. I started think maybe he had a dental problem but instead he was diagnosed with Stomatitis. I had never heard of this, at the time.

Ziggy went on antibiotics and pain meds. He did well for a while and started to eat better. When he felt better and gained some weight, he had his teeth removed. He became confident and progressed daily.  After a year he seemed healthy and become a bed cat and enjoyed his life until April 20, 2015.

Ziggy taught me to look for the subtle signs of wanting to show love and accept the love they are giving. To stop and pay attention to the little ways they are able to show their love. It is not about us; it’s about them. He left me with this gift — to be more joyful — to dance and be in there in world. To revel in the beauty of nature and creation. To love and allow love in.

Thank you Ziggy for your gift. Your eyes and spirit while you were here would not let me go. Your life I will cherish forever.

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