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Here’s Cub, a Special Kitty for a Special Family

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August and September bracelet sales benefit Southern Arizona Cat Rescue. SACR is a foster based 501-C(3) rescue located in Tucson, dedicated to saving the lives of felines in Southern Arizona. One of their rescued cats is Cub, an adorable special needs kitty. Here’s SACR’s story about Cub:

Cub came to SACR as a tiny 4 week old kitten, completely paralyzed in his hind end. We got a call about him having been dropped off at a local pet store and the employees weren’t sure what to do.  After settling into his foster home, Cub spent several months in physical therapy at Northwest Pet Clinic where he was able to gain muscle control of his hind limbs. Cub was found to have no control of his bowels and because of this he wears a diaper and needs to have his bladder manually expressed several times a day.

Cub was an absolute joy to have in his foster home. He quickly made friends with the other cats and dog, and enjoyed snuggling every night to watch TV. He even had a foster sister with similar disabilities to show him the ropes.

While Cub will never be “normal”, in our eyes he is absolutely perfect. After about a year of foster care, Cub found his forever home with an amazing family. His mom and two teenage sisters love and adore him exactly the way he is.  His sisters feel as if he were made for them, and they’ve formed an unbreakable bond. Both sisters have learned to care for Cub, express his bladder and keep him active daily so his muscles stay strong.  We couldn’t have asked for a better home for Cub. He has been in his forever home for almost a year and we still get monthly updates saying how happy Cub and his new family are together.

You can help deserving kitties like Cub by purchasing one-of-a-kind, handcrafted Beading Divas bracelets.

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