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Ironwood Pig Sanctuary Benefits from Beading Divas Bracelet Fundraiser

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Amber thrives at Ironwood Pig Sanctuary

During December and January, our fundraising partner is: the Ironwood Pig Sanctuary dedicated to eliminating the suffering of pot-bellied pigs in Arizona and surrounding states by promoting spaying and neutering, assisting owners and other sanctuaries, and providing a permanent home in a safe, nurturing environment for those that are abandoned, abused, neglected, or unwanted. Located on the outskirts of Tucson (in Marana), currently, there are more than 530 pigs in their care.

Amber is an adorable girl who has lived at the Ironwood Pig Sanctuary for the past eight years.  She has acclimated well to life here but went through a difficult period in the beginning.

At four months of age Amber was severely mauled by a dog losing pieces of both ears, sustaining permanent damage to her eye’s tear ducts, suffering puncture wounds that reached her skull and losing a great deal of skin off her face.  A man claiming to have found her brought her to Ironwood two weeks after the attack.  By that time her wounds were badly infected and the poor thing looked like she was rotting away.  Ironwood rushed Amber to the vet clinic for the first of numerous surgeries and procedures that would be necessary to save her life.

Amber endured living like a mummy wrapped in bandages for weeks. Every few days she had to be put under a light anesthesia to have her wounds cleaned and bandages changed.  During this ordeal she lived inside Ironwood’s Visitor Center in order to keep her cool, clean and comfortable.  She was such a trooper all through those rough days!  At her full adult size Amber is smaller than average due to her body working so hard to heal her wounds during her ultimate growth stage.

Despite her extensive ordeal Amber grew up to be a real sweetie.  Yes, she is physically scarred forever, but her spirit and love of life is unblemished.  These days she is happily living in one of the mid-sized fields with a herd of 18 pigs.  She has her favorite places to hang out with her close friends.  Amber is lucky to be living in a safe, comfortable environment.




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  1. Kate K
    Kate K

    They’re taking care of so many precious pigs! Thank you for supporting Ironwood Pig Sanctuary.

    December 1, 2020

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