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Tucson Cares has a Return to Owner program

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Tucson CARES greatly

Tucson CARES is known for their ‘Return to Owner’ program where animals that were surrendered to the Pima Animal Care Center in need of emergency medical care are pulled by them and returned to their homes and the people who love them after they are treated.

Often, ongoing supportive care is needed such as with this guy, Trevor, who had a urethral blockage and required a course of subcutaneous fluid therapy. Tucson CARES provided supplies and mentoring. Also pictured is Trevor’s favorite drinking cup!


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Because of Covid-19 bracelets are now only available online via Etsy. (This could change  as stores feel comfortable to reopen). Bracelets are one-of-a-kind. Bracelets cost $20 and 90% or $18 of every sale benefits Tucson CARES during the month of May. Bracelets make great heartfelt gifts for animal lovers. Bracelets can be shipped worldwide.



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  1. Kate K
    Kate K

    I’m heartened to hear about this program.Some people turn their pets over to PACC because they can’t afford the vet care their pet needs.

    May 21, 2020

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