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Two precious cats want to live with you

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Found a Peanut

SAFE was contacted by a woman who said she had two kittens that she could no longer care for. While they weren’t from the same litter, both had massive eye infections. SAFE accepted both kittens and right away began treating their eyes.

Peanut (a handsome orange tabby) had the worst eye infection the veterinarian (in 28 years of practice) had ever seen! Unfortunately, Peanut’s right eye had to be removed. His left eye was saved but Peanut is not very confident with his solo sighted eye. He depends completely on Royce (a crazy sweet female tabby). Royce had infections in both eyes and her eyes are scarred but she can see somewhat. She is currently being treated at Eye Care for Animals and will require a follow-up visit in February 2020.

Royce (sassy female)

While the eye problems should not require additional care after February, SAFE wants these two survivors adopted together. Royce would be fine on her own but Peanut really needs Royce in his life.

These two buddies will be available for adoption together in February 2020. To be considered to adopt Peanut AND Royce please fill out an application at and our Cat Coordinator will review the submitted applications and start a wait-list of approved adopters.

If you don’t buy a beautiful handcrafted bracelet, please consider making a donation directly to SAFE to help pay for extra medical needs for the animals in their care.

Bracelet fundraiser for SAFE
Handcrafted – Buy me!

You can also buy bracelets online (a large selection) through January and 90% of sales will benefit SAFE. Every month Beading Divas choose a different 501c3 animal charity to be their fundraising partner.