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Fearful dog rescued from hoarding

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Meet Queenie, a Chihuahua mix

Queenie lived in a hoarding house full of 30+ dogs. The house wasn’t very great to live in—there was a lot of fighting over food and Queenie still has scars on her tummy from fighting. There were a lot of unaltered dogs, meaning new puppies were being made and born all the time. Queenie never received any pets or kind words and she found humans scary.

One day she was taken from that house and brought to a place where she was poked and prodded. She was at the vet office.

Then Queenie got lucky and went to her foster home where she was given plenty of good food, plushy beds and she learned to use the bathroom outside. While she likes her foster family, she is working to overcome her fear of them coming too near.  Are you the kind, understanding human who might work with Queenie to find true love without fear?

If yes, consider contacting Moon & Stars Animal Rescue in Tucson.

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