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SA Greys is Beading Divas May Fundraising Partner

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Tucson greyhound adoption
Amazing Desi loving life

The Beading Divas are thrilled to choose Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption (SA Greys) during May 2019, our 10th anniversary celebration month.


Desi was a brood mom who was adopted in 2017 but changes in the household as well as her mysterious illness caused Desi to be relinquished back to SA Greys who then initiated veterinary care which uncovered the – diagnosis — intestinal lymphangiectasia. It isn’t cancer, but she needs a drug commonly used to treat lymphoma and leukemia in humans. In simple terms, Desi leaks lymphatic fluid into her GI tract instead of recirculating it, and she can’t retain protein.

Desi has been given a life expectancy of another 2 to 3 years, assuming she is cared for diligently. She has battled bladder and joint infections, but continues to amaze with her resilience and disposition. SA Greys will keep Desi on permanent medical hold so she can be guaranteed proper care.

She is lucky to have a SA Greys foster family who will care for her for the remainder of her days. Unfortunately, it is very expensive to maintain her regimen as medication and food alone are almost $500 per month and that cost will increase as her condition worsens.

Tucson greyhound adoption
Desi in winter wonderland

Desi is 7 years-old. She ran 135 races and brought 10 greyhound puppies into the world. She is affectionate, inquisitive, and appears to be happy. She especially enjoyed the snow this year. Her caretakers and our vet monitor her condition and carefully regulate her activity, but she loves car rides, visiting the dog park, spending time with other dogs, and seeking ear rubs from friendly humans.

Desi deserves to live out the rest of her days in comfort and with care. SA Greys is committed to providing the best possible care while she can still enjoy life.

Beading Divas bracelet
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