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Paws Patrol: Beatrice the cat has $2,000+ vet bills

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Here’s how Green Valley Paws Patrol goes to great lengths to help the cats.

It was another typical day at the Paws Patrol office. A call comes in, “A stray cat is roaming the neighborhood, no one knows who it belongs to and there are coyotes and bobcats in the area. Could someone come and trap it?” The volunteer loads the trap with food and water and starts to head out the door when another call comes in. “The trap that was left a couple days ago has a cat and could someone come and get it?”

The volunteer heads towards a mobile home park in Amado where the trapped cat is waiting. As she is loading the cat and the trap into the car, another cat comes running towards her, actually begging not to be left behind. The volunteer picks up the very friendly, affectionate and gorgeous cat, which she names Beatrice, and heads back to the Paws Patrol office.
Beatrice’s visit to the vet showed that she was spayed so she belonged to someone at one time, however, she had no microchip or tag to help find her owner.               

It was quickly discovered that Beatrice also had severe diarrhea. Tests were run and different medications and foods were given. The diarrhea continued for a few months. It was determined that she had IBD and will be on special food and medication for the rest of her life. In spite of her medical condition, a family wanted to adopt Beatrice. However, the day before she was to go to her new home, she developed a viral eye infection and within a couple days, had an ocular graft performed by Eye Care for Animals. She was then on numerous eye medications for several weeks. Beatrice’s medical bills cost $2,251.

Beatrice is nearly completely recovered from the eye problems and rests comfortably where her new adopters adore her as she has them wrapped around her paw—the one wearing the Beaded Divas bracelet!


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Please consider buying some bracelets as a gift to yourself, dear feline lovers or for your friends. Or make a direct donation to Green Valley Paws Patrol.

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