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Mostly Cockers & Poms Commits to Pet’s Lifetime

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mostly cockers and poms
Before: Marley

Marley was a 5 year old female poodle mix who came to Mostly Cockers and Poms from the Diversion program at PACC.  She was one of 5 dogs brought in after living in a burned out mobile home for 4-5 months with little care or feeding.  After neighbors finally threatened to report the owners – who occasionally stopped at the home to toss some food – the owners brought all the dogs to PACC.

Mostly Cockers & Poms rescued 2 of these pups: Marley, and, a small long haired Chihuahua mix named Ozzie who were both in pretty rough shape.  Marley was covered in horrible mats that went down tight to her skin.  Because the dogs were climbing in and out of a burned out mobile home, they had burned out sticks and debris from the home stuck in their fur and they were covered with dirt and soot.  Marley had stickers and debris stuck deep down into her mats causing her large painful sores on her legs and paws.

BEading Divas bracelets
Marley’s sores

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She was immediately groomed and that evening, although still covered in small sore spots, a whole new pup emerged – finally free of the pounds of horribly matted fur and stickers all over her body.   After receiving the required veterinary care, Marley was adopted into a home with a wonderful senior widow who had been living alone for many months since losing her spouse.  Marley was a bright and shining light to her new mom Linda and they were immediately the best of companions.

Sadly, after less than a year together, Marley’s mom Linda suffered a massive stroke and passed away.  Because Mostly Cockers & Poms makes sure to develop a relationship with each of our adopters and their families especially if they are older or in poor health, her family knew to call so Marley could find a new loving home.

Mostly Cockers and Poms
Marley is doubly blessed

Marley now is living with another wonderful family where she will spend the rest of her years as a treasured furry family member, with 3 canine siblings and 2 human siblings as well. She is running and playing like a puppy again and very much treasured!  Marley was able to have a happy ending, twice, because of carefully screen adopters and developing supportive relationships so that whenever life occurrences happen, Mostly Cockers and Poms can offer support as the commitment to their rescued pets lasts their lifetime.

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