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Just Say Yes for Mostly Cockers and Poms, Tucson

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fundraiser Mostly Cockers and Poms Tucson
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Just say yes!  Online bracelet sales for Mostly Cockers and Poms have been a bit sluggish so far this month. Just say yes…and buy one, two or more bracelets to pick up the pace and keep our volunteer fulfillment Divas busy. Bracelets can be shipped worldwide and have gone to Canada, Italy, Malta and South Africa, to name a few.

One of a of kind hand-crafted beaded bracelets make great gifts for you or people on your holiday shopping list. Eighteen dollars out of every sale ($20/no tax) is donated to Mostly Cockers and Poms. Tis, the season and if you’re invited to any parties, a heartfelt bracelet makes a great hostess gift especially for animal lovers.

This bracelet is named, “All Natural.” It captures autumn and people who like it simple, not fussy. One hundred bracelets to choose from!

Just say yes and help Mostly Cockers and Poms raise much needed funds!

From the Feedback File: “MY mom’s heart just melts over these.” –GMR

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