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Come-Back Kids, Save the Pets AZ Fundraiser

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“And I need them gone, today.”

Words that wound the soul.  They mean that one Save the Pets AZ’s dear babies, a dog we love, cherish, and send off with high hopes, is about to lose their home.  In this case, it was two dogs. Two male, large-breed dogs – they are the dogs most likely to be dumped at a shelter.

Buddy and Chase were rescued from the Pinal County Shelter in 2014.  They were taken to the shelter from the same home, came to Save the Pets AZ together, and went from us to a new home together.  I thought they were set for life.  Until last month.  “They are digging under the fence and won’t stay in the yard.”  And nothing the Rescue could say would convince the man to let me try and help.  “I just need them gone.”


Well, we are thankful that he did!  Poor Buddy.  He had come to us with a back issue that kept his body a little stiff, to begin with, but when he and Chase returned, Buddy was terribly thin and extremely uncomfortable.  This boy hadn’t been digging anywhere.  And Chase, although in better shape, was also underweight and wasn’t housebroken – which tells me they spent the years as ‘outside dogs.’ We don’t adopt ‘outside dogs.’  This makes me sad.

But we ALWAYS take back our dogs.  All dogs.  Any dog which has crossed Save the Pets AZ threshold is ours for life and we always want our babies to come home, if needed.  Buddy and Chase are safely back with our rescue and are just an example of the many swinging doors dogs experience in their lifetimes.   They are our Come-Back Kids and we love them, always.  They are already second-chance dogs, but with Save The Pets AZ these pups get a third chance and a fourth and however many it takes.  When we hear, “They have to be gone, today,” we ask where to pick them up.

Buddy and Chase are looking for another chance, together.  Please consider this special pair to add to your wonderful family. For life.

To make a direct donation, click here. And to buy a one of a kind fundraising bracelet, click here.

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