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In the Beginning: Arizona Puggle Rescue

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Arizona Puggle Rescue
Darla: Before

Ever wonder how or why a Rescue begins? Arizona Puggle Rescue’s first success story is about Darla.

Darla was sitting in a crate at MCCAC waiting to be euthanized.

She was not available for adoption nor was she available for New Hope. Vicky begged the shelter to foster her and see my vet, at V’s expense. After a lot of pleading they agreed. Darla was immediately taken to the vet where she was diagnosed with phenomena, a severe UTI (she was urinating blood) and sadly she was full of cancer.

The vet said she probably wouldn’t survive longer than a day or so. They asked to provide the care anyway. Slowly, over the course of two weeks Darla began to get better from proper care, nutrition, medication, and most of all love.

UTI better now it was time to combat the cancer.

Darla’s right mammory chain was completely removed, half of the left chain, and 16 tumors removed too. It was so painful to see her belly looking like something from Frankenstein’s lab. Darla was taken care of her, loved, and was provided all that she needed.

Arizona Puggle Rescue
Darla: After/full of joy

Within 6 weeks she was a brand new dog. She was more alive than ever. Running, jumping, playing, making new doggie friends, and barking (something she never did previously). Darla was a favorite of everyone who met her. A heart thief, if you will.

As soon as the doctor released her, she was up for adoption and found her forever home within a matter of weeks. Darla has a new family that loves her so very much. In addition to the humans she has two fur siblings. We continue to get updates about Darla and she is doing great, healthy and so very happy.

This is what rescue is all about. This is what Arizona Puggle Rescue is all about. Please take time to check out their good deeds, their adoptable dogs, (they need foster homes!) and buy a bracelet or two or make a direct donation.

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