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Tucson Cold Wet Noses saves a dog in the 11th hour

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Looking for my furever home
Looking for my furever home

A message from Signe Razzi, president Tucson Cold Wet Noses:

I went to PACC one morning to take the dogs in sick bay out for a breath of fresh air as we try to do three times a week. Sick Bay was full and they needed to make room for more dogs that had come down with an upper respiratory infection which is very common in shelters.

Some dogs were sitting in the Euthanasia Bay kennels till they could shuffle some things around and see what they could do. This meant that perhaps a few of the dogs in sick bay might go back on the adoption line if their antibiotics had done the job or that some might get put down for behavior (some dogs
do not do well in confinement, get too frustrated and then don’t get along well with other dogs). This would open up some space for new dogs.

I was told that there was a dog named Shy Boy who was having a hard time on the adoption line so would probably do worse in sick bay. That was the end of that conversation for the moment. I didn’t realize that meant he was going to get put down.

I started taking the sick dogs out to the yards with a couple of other volunteers which takes us about
3 hours as there are usually 32 to 35 dogs in there. About halfway through I decided to go check out Shy Boy so I walked back towards the Euthanasia area and the door was closed. I asked a staff member if I could see Shy Boy and she went in and came out and said he was unavailable. I asked her what she meant by that and she told me to go find the animal advocate so off I went in search of him.

It is a large facility but fortunately I found him within 5 minutes.

He went in, came out and told me I could see him but he had already been sedated and was out so I wouldn’t be able to interact with him.

I saw Shy Boy passed out on the floor and looked at him for a minute and said “I’ll take him”. So he came home with me about an hour later and a bit on the groggy side, probably didn’t know what hit him.

He escaped death by 5 minutes and had I waited till I was done with Sick Bay he would have been dead so Shy Boy has a Fairy Dogmother that was watching over him and now he is healthy, neutered and waiting for his furever home.

He is a bit of a rascal but he is a sweet dog who will make someone a good pet and he is still on the shy side.

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  1. Anonymous

    By the time I finished reading this, I had tears in my eyes and a smile on my face. I’m glad you were in the right place at the right time. Shy Boy looks alot like my foster dog Bradley( my 1st foster thru CWN) so I think it touched my heart that much more. Its so sad how many animals are PTS. I know PACC doesn’t like doing it and they would have to do it alot less if people were more responsible when it coms to their pets. Thank you for sharing Signe.

    May 8, 2012

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