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Happy Birthday Tucson Greyhound: Jett

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Jett Greyhound
Is this how the Bee Gee's got started?

Written by Tucson greyhound Jett

Hey hound dogs and your love slaves…

Today is my birthday. Well, Happy Birthday to me! We’re gonna have a party, party.

I guess not. Those lyrics don’t apply to me.

Anyway I am to be 6 years young on December 19, 2011. Whoopeee! SIX!

I am one lucky dog or so my human Karyn reminds me. I am lucky because I survived greyhound racing. Unlike some of my would be friends and ancestors who break their legs and hocks, who are electrocuted, who have heart failure, who collide and tumble on the ground, and who are put to sleep which means they don’t wake up ever — yes, I am one lucky dog.

My human said that December 19 is special to her in another way too because in 2009, that was when the Phoenix Greyhound Park closed its doors forever. I raced there and then raced in Tucson too.

Yes, I am forever lucky.

I would like to thank Jenny at Greyhounds-2-Go who took me in and then let my Karyn adopt me. Four paws up to Jenny! Here’s a photo of Jenny at the Greyhound Fall Festival. One of her dogs broke her pelvis racing. That must have hurt really badly. The hound is fortunate that Jenny rescued her.

Hugs to Greyhounds-2-Go
Jenny rocks!

The top photo of me was taken at the school where I go sometimes. The teacher Ms. Vigo teaches a class on animal compassion and animal cruelty. Karyn tells them about dog racing and how to adopt a greyhound. The kids are fun and ask the best questions. Then we have a love fest.

In the top photo, the kids knew it was my birthday so one girl brought a party hat for me to wear. I also got some presents. The Bee was too big for my skinny head but I humored them. Somehow I cannot see myself as a bumble bee. Buzz off.

This next photo is Ms. Vigo and her class and me. It was a great day and I hope they keep inviting me back. I am happy to go to other schools and visit people who need cheering up. While I am kind and on my best behavior (I don’t mark in inappropriate places), I do not own a pet therapy vest.

Jett Greyhound visits the school.
Forgot my homework

It does appear that Karyn has invited some of her friends over on Monday so I just might be getting some dog treats. Jett Greyhound can never have enough dog treats.

My life is very interesting and have many canine friends visiting. More about that later.

What you see is what you Jett.

Love ya, the Jett-Setter


  1. Diana

    Roooo Roooooo-ooooooo Roooo!
    (Translation: Happy Birthday Jett)

    December 19, 2011
  2. Kate K
    Kate K

    Happy Birthday to you, Jett!

    December 19, 2011
  3. Angy

    Happy, Happy Birthday Jett!!!

    December 19, 2011
  4. Loren

    Yes Jett, you are one lucky dog!
    Happy Birthday!

    December 19, 2011
  5. Happy Birthday Jett! Six years young and living it up!

    December 19, 2011
  6. My students and I were happy to celebrate your birthday, especially because you were saved!

    December 22, 2011

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