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In Loving Memory: Berry the Greyhound

Posted in Greyhounds Rule/News, and In Memory - the Rainbow Bridge

My Berry – Run over the Bridge.  Mom Will Find You.

Six years ago, a beautiful, timid, terrified little greyhound raced into my heart.  In her short six and a half years, she had seen so much sadness. My vow was to see there would be no fear, no sadness and no lack of love for her remaining life.

Run free, sweet Berry

For six years, I have loved and cared for you.  For eternity I will love you and miss you.

As I caressed your ears, stroked your silky head that used to peek around corners at me, kissed your little nose and spoke to you of my love, I lay stretched out in front of you.  You closed your eyes for the last time, gazing at the one who loved you most, knowing I will love you forever.

Until we meet again at the Bridge.  Godspeed, Flying Berry.

The above content and photo was submitted by our friend Nancy Weller of Missouri. Berry was adopted from MI REGAP. You can read Nancy’s blog here.


  1. Eric

    Such a beautiful message, it brought me to tears. God bless you, Berry. You’re in great company across the bridge, and someday we’ll all be reunited in eternal love, to romp and play together for always.

    February 13, 2011
  2. Thank you, Eric. There is a wonderful crowd waiting for us one day. But before we are reunited, I think there are more for me to share my love and eventually join that joyous reunion.

    She was one special little greyhound. And sorely missed.

    February 15, 2011

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