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Buy bracelets to benefit Tucson’s Adopt a Bull, pit bull rescue

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Buy bracelets for Tucson pitbull rescue

There’s still time in August 2010 to buy bracelets to benefit Adopt-a-Bull, a Tucson rescue for pit bulls and other bully breeds.

Adopt-A-Bull is a foster-based organization who rescues animals from Tucson local area shelters, as well as offers placement assistance to those who are in need of placing their dog, or a dog that they have found.

Adopt-A-Bull’s strong emphasis on education and public awareness allows volunteers and supporters to break the often negative stereotype that bully breeds have by promoting high standards of care and socialization that play a crucial part in creating “good breed ambassadors.”

You can buy bracelets online via Lizzie Stardust at (please add $3 shipping).

Locally, in Tucson you can buy bracelets at these two locations:

Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Ave., 624-9954 – Also at this location only, Adopt-a-Bull is selling bracelets for $10 which includes cloisonne beads and a clicker.

Dirty Dawgs, 2510 North Campbell Ave, 777-6045

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