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Tucson greyhound: Rider weathers another storm-heart arrythmia

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What a handsome greyhound!

As you may recall this blog started as a way to pay the $14,300 vet bills after Lizzie Mead’s hit and run accident in October 2008. Rider had his spleen removed and sewn back up with 400 stitches and Opal’s eye popped out but was put back in. Very dramatic!

Here’s an update of what’s going on NOW at the Lizzie Mead household now…written by Diva Lizzie

Rider seemingly has weathered this storm the way he survives everything this existence has thrown at him…in the most frightening and expensive way possible! I was very scared that “this was it” because they were careful to not paint me too pretty a picture because matters of the heart muscle are serious business.

The risk of sudden death has passed (PHEW) He is off his meds-in a good way 🙂 His heart is functioning perfectly, and the arrhythmia is not present anymore. I have a stethoscope that I listen to his heart with three times a day and take his heart rate, it has been perfect each time. After multiple echo-cardiograms he has proven to be “My strong, sweet, handsome guy” and gotten thru yet another life threatening episode with grace and dignity. All the vets and techs love him, and say he “really is the best dog, such a easygoing guy”.

The ladies (Opal and Mizz Bird) have been very magnanimous with their brother, and are calm around him still. This is a good development for Mizz Bird, who’s greatly improved by the introduction of some calm! She is doing her spinning outdoors, and sleeping the whole night thru on my feet. Her red devil ball is a constant companion, second choice is the plush Easter bunny that I got for cheap after the holiday had passed. Her adoption papers have been sent in-so it becomes truly official…I am a three grey girl.

I love Bird, more every day.

That girl is so happy in my house, she is a joy to me-and apparently for no one else…Well, she gives ya a few days-then she lives up to her middle name which is “Hell-raiser”. All the dogs have middle names actually. “Rider Kabarkus D.O.G” aka the “Infamous D.O.G.” aka “Bubba”, Opal Didymus, and “Mizz Bird Hell-raiser Mead”. Rider gets a new nickname for every crisis 🙂

Opal continues to revel in her occupation as “Fun Police/Hall Monitor” of the household. If any animal is having too much fun, or is being too loud-she gives em a talking to and they knock it off. The cat (Orion) was rather surprised to be scolded, and gave her a talking to right back the other day…more of a hiss and some frantic-claws action. Opal is not dissuaded from her calling by protestations of the feline.

(photo courtesy of David Grasse)

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  1. Jean

    This is the BEST news. I appreciated and laughed when I read about Opal. The “gang” is very funny and I’m so happy all is well with you all.

    May 1, 2010

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