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Greyhound First day Foster story- BlackBird, Fly

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Dear greyhound compadres,

I was resting at the kennel in my condo-

when a surprise walked in…a volunteer was there at an odd time. I remember her, so I gave her “the eyes” (they love that) she had taken me for a leash walk an gave me lots of pets. She played with Amado first and put goop in his eyes so his eyes would be not so puffy. He got to go for an extra walk! Amado is loud and barky and demanding 🙂 It’s all about me with that guy- he’s hot and he knows it. Then, she skippedme- I’m next! She went over to my new friends Bernadette and Mazzie, they are pretty nice for newbie’s. They don’t know the routine of how things work here, so they didn’t know I got skipped. They are twins, and they are going to be all the rage I can tell. Fawn, petite, and pretty- they are sure to turn some heads. They got walked and pets and then the lady came back to me!!!Phew, I thought I was skipped for good.

I got a walk and played with a squeakie and then got a treat! I was being led back in I thought, when we took a detour…A bucket, a hose, and smelly oatmeal stickiness awaited me. A bath!?! I don’t need a bath!!! But the lady said I was a Dirty Birdie and I had to smell nicer so my new friends wouldn’t snub me. New friends? More new kennel mates?

Then, she puts a shiny martingale on me and takes me to her van-whoa. Wait a minute. I’m not getting in there. Uh, uh.  So then she gets in the van, so I figure it’s okay to get in a little bit- not all the way. Front paws only! All of a sudden my butt is being hoisted into the van. Hey! That’s my butt. And then we’re on an adventure: a car ride to who-knows-where. I’m excited, though. Is this where the other kennel dogs went? Will there be other greyhounds? Will there be food? Will there be BEDS?!? I have heard the legends of beds. If I’m going back to the track, I am going to be so pissed.

I dig myself a nest in the van and just as I get settled in, we pull into a driveway and go for another walk. (She later tells another shorter girl-person that she “walked the pee out of her” Rude. I didn’t know that’s what that was all about. I just thought she liked me)Then 2 other greyhounds come out with fancy leashes and collars and surround me and sniff me all over, the girl is pushy I’ll have to be careful with that one. The boy is fawn and gentle with me, he is a pushover I can tell. Rider and Opal are my new kennelmates except the kennel is HUGE!  No bars, and there are beds everywhere! I don’t want to screw this up, I’m going to be really careful about what I do. I want permission to do anything. I know about beds now, and water dishes, and doggie doors, and “no, leave it” to little fuzzy things. Cats, they live here too apparently, who would ever think to put those inside?  I can go to the turnout pen in back of the house any time I want! I can turn myself out anytime I like, Which is a lot. I like turnout time. So I turned myself out thru the doggie door at least 20 times. Then got pets till I fell asleep exhausted on the bed that Opal doesn’t own. Well she thinks she owns allof them…

I could stay here for awhile, the food is good.

-Love Birdie, Birdie-Bird, Blackbird, The big Bird, or just Bird

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  1. Lizzie

    Birdie will be available for adoption soon- she is a lover of a dog. She is currently in foster and learning to be a treasured pet for some lucky adopter. She is a ‘tuxedo black’ and has some white toes and a white fancy explosion on her chest, perfect velvety-soft rosette ears, and a very cute overbite on her narrow little face. She’s got brains and beauty, she is learning very quickly what home life is all about manners, toys, and nutritious food…and oh, the dog bed! She LOVES dog beds!

    June 16, 2009

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