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HOPE Animal Shelter Helps Heidi Learn to Trust People

Posted in Fundraising

Beading Divas May-June fundraising partner is HOPE Animal Shelter, Tucson’s first no-kill shelter and sanctuary for dogs and cats. HOPE’s life-saving mission is to reduce the suffering of homeless cats and dogs by providing them a compassionate, enriching environment, appropriate medical care and loving, permanent homes.

Meet Heidi, a beautiful older girl who is one of our sanctuary cats. Heidi was a feral cat who was meant to be a trap-neuter-release (TNR) cat but she came to HOPE because she was sick. While Heidi immediately settled in with the other cats, it took quite a while for her to be comfortable with people. She used to hiss and swipe and run away, but over time learned to trust and even like people! Now Heidi loves being pet and even lets some people pick her up! She is very talkative and enjoys asking for food when she isn’t cuddling with another cat or hanging out on the catio. Her illness is chronic, but her quality of life has drastically improved through the care of HOPE and its staff.

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