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Pair of Neglected Dogs Saved by Hope of Deliverance

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Beading Divas March/April fundraising partner is Hope of Deliverance (HOD), a 501(c)(3) non-profit dog rescue founded in Tucson. HOD partners with rural animal shelters, specifically those with minimal or no veterinary care available, to save as many dogs as possible. HOD provides “tops to tails” care for dogs they tag from rural shelters without veterinary care. All dogs will be fully vetted, microchipped, vaccinated, 4DX (test for heartworm, Lyme disease, Ehrlichia, and Anaplasma), fecal tested and spay/neutered. Any surgical procedures needed are covered as well. Their focus is on over-populated rural shelters in the southwest, and when possible they will assist any dog in need of care. Meet Nika and Hershey, found at the “Right Place/Right Time”:

Our Director and two volunteers took a drive to Pinal Shelter to see if we could pull any dogs for a specific foster home. We couldn’t find a fit based on the home’s specific needs, but as we were leaving, a family was surrendering two dogs. Their father had unexpectedly passed away and left a senior poodle and a young heeler mix behind. Both dogs needed medical attention and hadn’t been to the vet in a few years. The shelter had a 100 dog wait list, so they could not take them. We began making calls to see who could, and were able to take both in our care immediately.

Nika, the heeler, had eyes that seemed too large for a young dog. Upon taking her to an eye specialist, she was diagnosed with extraocular myositis, an inflammatory process affecting the extra ocular muscles in dogs. After medication and a few eye steroid injections, she was good to go! Nika was adopted in Sierra Vista and her mom adores her.

Hershey, a senior poodle mix, had matted fur and severe tartar buildup, gingivitis, gum recession and periodontal disease with severe fistulas. He had root exposure and tooth loosening, where his teeth were mobile, making his mouth incredibly painful. Hershey needed a full extraction, to keep bacteria from affecting his organs. He healed beautifully and was adopted by one of our alums!

Both of these dogs suffered unintentional neglect. They both needed costly specialty vet care that most of the general public doesn’t consider necessary. For us, making sure the dog is fully cared for before going to their forever home is our job, no matter the cost.

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