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Our March/April Rescue Partner is Hope of Deliverance!

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Beading Divas March/April fundraising partner is Hope of Deliverance (HOD), a 501(c)(3) non-profit dog rescue founded in Tucson, Arizona. HOD’s mission is to partner with rural animal shelters, specifically those with minimal or no veterinary care available, to save as many dogs as possible. HOD provides “tops to tails” care for dogs they tag from rural shelters without veterinary care. All dogs will be fully vetted, microchipped, vaccinated, 4DX ( test for heartworm, Lyme disease, Ehrlichia, and Anaplasma), fecal tested and spay/neutered. Any surgical procedures needed are covered as well. Their focus is on over-populated rural shelters in the southwest, and when possible they will assist any dog in need of care. Meet “Major Tom”, ultimately saved from owner neglect:

Hope of Deliverance learned that Major Tom’s family could not afford the medical care he needed. Major Tom had an abdominal blockage from a shoe he had ingested. Not only was this potentially lethal, it was causing him excruciating pain. HOD stepped in and fostered Tom after his surgery. While healing, his stitches began to open and he was rushed to an animal hospital, where it was determined that a needle had been left inside his stomach during the earlier surgery. Major Tom’s stomach was trying to expel the needle on its own, and he developed an infection. HOD treated him and got him a secondary surgery to remove the needle. As this was during the height of the COVID pandemic, we decided to return Tom to his family.

After his return, Major Tom was living with a torn ACL, which HOD paid to have fixed. Fast forward 2 years, Major Tom was unhealthy and crated the majority of the time, and HOD stepped in to save him yet again. When he came back to the rescue, the vets believed he was a senior (he is only 4), due to the severe neglect he endured from being crated the majority of the time. Tom was suffering every moment, was overweight, had low muscle mass and deep callouses from too much time in his crate. While we have ruled out cancer (thank goodness) HOD is having numerous tests done to rule out Cushings or any other degenerative disease that he may have.

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You can help Hope of Deliverance rescue more deserving pets like Major Tom by purchasing one-of-a-kind, handcrafted Beading Divas bracelets.

Cost per bracelet is $20. Bracelets make great gifts any time of year! The best selection is online via Etsy but in Tucson you can also buy bracelets at Fuchsia Spa in La Encantada Shopping Center, and Silver Sea Jewelry in the historic 4th Avenue Shopping District (Silver Sea is open Tuesday-Sunday from noon-6pm.)