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A Very Lucky Penny!

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Penny the pig previously lived on a Native American reservation where many dogs run loose. She had been attacked on multiple occasions and never received veterinary care for her wounds. Her owner’s son called Ironwood Pig Sanctuary after the last attack and asked if we could take Penny in before she got killed. When we went to get her in March of 2020, she was in such bad condition that she was taken straight to the vet clinic. Both of her ears had been torn completely off. Her wounds were cleaned and treated and have healed up nicely. Amazingly Penny still has her hearing and shows no signs of infection or irritation in the exposed ear canals.

Penny is now 9.5 years old. Because she moves a bit stiffly from old injuries to her legs, she was placed in the Assisted Living Field with a herd of 14 pigs. These are all elderly, arthritic pigs in their teens that have “retired” from the larger fields to live out their golden years in a separate area within a small group of pigs in similar physical condition. Penny has fit in perfectly with this group and has become friends with Tyler and Andre. Sometimes she will sleep in the barn with those boys as well as Frylock and Jack Jack. Other times Penny prefers having her own space and will sleep in one of the smaller shelters alone. She is still a bit shy with people but is totally comfortable with being around the other piggies. She is not yet spayed but is on the waiting list to get that done. Surgeries got postponed in the spring due to the COVID restrictions and are still backed up.  Penny has been in good health during her time at the sanctuary, and is a content and happy gal.

Hand crafted coiled beaded bracelet, turquoise, brown, white, and gold
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You can help pigs like Penny by purchasing our one-of-a-kind, handcrafted bracelets. The cost per bracelet is $20, with no tax. The bracelets make great gifts any time of year!  The best selection is online via Etsy but in Tucson you can also buy bracelets at Fuchsia Spa in La Encantada Shopping Center and Silver Sea Jewelry, in the historic 4th Avenue Shopping District. Silver Sea is now open on Thursdays by appointment only (call or send a private message via Facebook), Friday and Saturday from noon to 6 pm (masks and social distancing required) and Sundays for live online shopping starting at 4 pm (MST). Bracelets are not for sale during live online shopping but other dazzling jewelry is available.

You can learn more and donate directly to Ironwood Pig Sanctuary. Thank you for your generous support!


  1. Cindy

    So thrilled to hear about Penny and so happy with my gorgeous bracelet. Thanks so much!

    January 19, 2021
  2. Kate K
    Kate K

    Glad she’s safe and cared for at Ironwood Pig Sanctuary after a rough life. Penny is a cute pig!

    January 19, 2021

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