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Overbred Brood Mama Saved by Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue

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AZ doberman rescue
I got lucky

Masha was rescued from a backyard breeder along with a male Doberman. She lived many years in a small, dirt backyard being bred over and over again. The day we rescued her, she was so scared, she would not move and had to be carried to the car.

Masha had skin issues, bites all over her back, tick fever, Giardia, an ear infection, and Valley Fever. She stayed at the vet as a patient for a couple weeks, and then got more TLC in a loving foster home.

While she was in Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue’s care, they consulted with trainers and followed the Shy Dog Protocol to let this very fearful girl open up on her own timeline. Each day she made progress over the next, and an adopter who saw her story on Facebook fell in love.

the good life

Masha became Diamond. Diamond now lives the good life; she loves to sleep in bed, play in the pool, and hang out with her brother. She hit the jackpot, and will never see another dirt backyard or litter again!


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