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LOVAR is for Life, Saving Remmy

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LOVAR forever
I’m Remmy

(submitted by LOVAR)

It was the last day of November 2014 and there were 12 dogs on the urgent rescue list at Pima Animal Care Center that were going to be put down that night. LOVAR was not yet formalized as a rescue and had no fosters but our commitment to saving was evident even then. We had just found a home for one dog and sadly could take only one of the 12 and said to pick the first one on the list.

A large bodied, large headed brindle pitbull/boxer mix named Remmington was led through the door. We had read that Remmington was dog aggressive, people aggressive and had URI. We also know not to believe everything you read, and heard from PACC volunteer Kelly, that Remmington was a love. Yes, he could be a handful but also could be sweet.

Remmington came to live with us for the next 10 months. The people aggression was quickly proven to be invalid. He loved people. He just sometimes loved them a little too much and wanted to show them who was boss with his continuous mounting. We provided 3 months of training for Remmy, addressing his mounting, and dog reactive tendency.

Remmy then found his ideal person: An older man who lived alone, liked to sit out on the porch and wanted a friend by his side. For the next year and a half, Remmy lived happily, and then the call came. His person had a serious fall injuring his hips and could no longer keep Remmy

Remmy also developed a mass and his owner could no longer afford large medical bills. When we say we back our dogs for life, we mean it. Remmy came back to us. Promise kept!
Remmy returned as a gray faced senior and his medical results proved the mass to be cancer. We opted to have it removed. There is a high chance of it returning but this big boy is young at heart and we are ready to stand by our commitment to him as long as we have to. We recently had him vetted again and learned that his heart is abnormally enlarged and he has some issues with his lungs.

Remmy is currently on medical hold, meaning that we cannot place him for mainstream adoption. He will remain a sanctuary case with our organization until we either clear him of any medical issues, or, an adopter that has the heart, time, compassion and love that wants to help him comes forward. Until then this grey faced, lovable big boy is safe, loved and happy to be where he is living.

Beading Divas bracelets
Adopt me!

LOVAR for Life means we stand by our contractual commitment to every dog and every cat pulled in the event circumstances arise preventing them staying with their adoptive family so that they never have to go to a shelter ever again. Please support our work and buy a Beading Divas bracelet or three so we can help more dogs like Remmy now and possibly later.

You can also buy bracelets during February at:

–-Petco Oro Valley Marketplace, 11985 N. Oracle Rd.
Catavinos Wine Tasting Event – Feb 12 – 4 – 6pm

—Tucson Botanical Garden, Friday al Frida event, Feb. 24, 5 – 8 pm


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