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Independence Day for 250 Tucson Greyhounds

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Happy about the good news
Happy about the good news

Today is July 4th – Independence Day – We are grateful that 250 greyhounds* left Tucson Greyhound Park to find their forever homes.

For our celebration on June 25, 2016, we asked three V.I.P.s to be celebrity bartenders. Upon accepting our invitation, Steve Randles wrote this: (dated 6-7-16)

A rescue visionary
A rescue visionary

“It would be a joy and an honor to celebrate for all the greyhounds and their owners of the END of live greyhound racing in South Tucson. I am elated that NO more dogs will suffer here in Tucson!

When Joan and I founded Arizona Greyhound Rescue in the summer of 1992 we had hoped this day would come. Considering the track here had its own lobbyists and tax advantages, it is a MIRACLE that we have come to this point!

Would you consider making a greyhound shirt to commemorate this historic event?**

I am ALL IN and want to congratulate you and all the volunteers who served these majestic and fun dogs! It always made me wonder how the greyhounds could still manage to be so loving after being so horribly mistreated and neglected.

Cheers to you and the Beading Divas and volunteers who sacrificed for the greyhounds…”

Steven Randles

Co-Founder of Arizona Greyhound Rescue

Co-Founder of Realty Executives Tucson Elite

National Award Winning REALTOR

*We are saddened that 150 – 170 greyhounds went to other race tracks or farms (not sanctuaries).

**While we didn’t make a commemorative shirt, our celebrity bartenders received these caps.  IMG_1282

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