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Meet Benjamin Franklin Cat, SARA Fundraiser

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Meet Benjamin Franklin

Saving Animals at Risk
Benny says: Adopt me!

Benjamin Franklin (aka Benny) was found on the Indian Reservation 75 miles west of Tucson. Unfortunately, there is a large number of stray animals on the reservation.

It’s not uncommon to see roaming dogs in search of food but there are only a few cats. Many stray cats do not survive due to land and air predators; they seek shelter in hopes of a kind human who will feed and care for them.

Benny was one of the lucky ones.

At just a year old, he was abandoned near the College on the reservation when one of the employees took him in. He was relinquished to Saving at Risk Animals (SARA) in hopes of finding him a furever loving home.

Benny has a sweet disposition, loves people and other cats, provided he can be in charge. Benny does insist in being the first to the food bowl. He is a chatty fellow in his attempts to communicate with his human foster servant. He ignores the dog in the foster home so he would do well with another dog if introduced properly. He will seek attention if he feels neglected even if it’s imagined. So, if you are looking to be subservient to a cat then Benny is your man (hmmm, we mean cat).

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Adopt me!

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