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April is Adopt-a-Greyhound Month

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Petey is a Sweetie

It’s only fitting that Beading Divas Bracelets aka Greyhound Injury Fund announce this special month.

This blog started because Lizzie Mead who is a greyhound adopter was in a hit-and-run car accident. Her two greyhounds suffered thousands of dollars in injuries; they have recovered and continue to thrive. Six original greyhound adopters came together to help raise money to pay the vet. And we did — in six short months.

So we go back to our roots as greyhound adopters to honor the greyhounds even though we have since raised money for a variety of dog shelters and dog breeds, cats, pigs, ferrets, horses, and wildlife.

Lucky greyhound
Rider survived accident

For people in Tucson, we want to remind you that Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption is having an April BLITZ month with numerous meet and greets, a wine tasting fundraiser, remembrance event, and will be participating in the Earth Day Festival. You can check out the schedule here.

Also read this fabulous article in the Sunday edition of the Arizona Daily Star.

Hug your hounds!