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Tucson Greyhound Jett: School Daze

Posted in Humor

jettschooletc 014

The following was written by Jett Greyhound

Hi fans. I went to middle school in December and met with the most amazing class ever. These 6th graders were super bright. They asked my Karyn all the right questions about dog racing. If these kids governed the world, there would be no dog racing and no animal cruelty.

While visiting the school I was still limping. I have some debris deep inside my paw pad. It’s a big OWIE. We have been to my lovely veterinarian and even to that fancy specialty place and so far no solution except to amputate my toe. Cha-ching! Those are my Karyn’s sound effects.

The students all wrote me notes too. I will share some:

Jett, I hope you get better!

Dear Jett, you are the cutest dog ever!!!

I hope your paw heels (sic) and your life has many adventures ahead.

Dear Jett, I know that you can’t read but I hope that you live long and live happy with your owner. You are a really nice and cute dog!

There are more but I don’t need to share all of them. Sharing is not my favorite activity.

I have been to this school many times and the kids remember my name. Today I went in an elevator. It was an elevating experience.

Life has been hectic at my house because there never seems to be any down time for my Karyn. She is always on the go. We had Saffron stay with us. Saffron’s person and Karyn are friends and Saffron stays here a lot. She is an old gal but kind of fits right in. As you can see in this photo below she is making herself cozy. We thrive on cozy.

jettschooletc 021

Then some black and white dog stayed here for one day. He was a nice dude. And now some black dog with tuxedo markings have been staying here. I don’t know his story but he’s a bit grabby when it comes to treats. Girlfriend barely tolerates him.

So there you have it. I hope to get to the computer more often but Karyn hogs the keyboard. Hey hounds, are any of you missing a toe (or a digit as the specialist guy said) and if so, what is life without a toe?