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AZ Golden Retriever story – Beading Divas bracelet fundraiser

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Nala’s story

“Just wanted everyone to know how grateful I am for all the help RAGofAZ has provided to me. As some of you may or may not know, some nice doctor saved my life and contacted the organization. Fortunately, timing is everything. There was an immediate family that wanted me and was more than willing to take care of me and all my needs.

I moved from the big city to the country. I am intrigued by the quietness and all the wildlife that surrounds me; especially all those rabbits. I now have two 20 lb. cans of delicious nutritious food and am almost at my normal weight. I am no longer timid about eating.

My ear infection is all clear. My mommy said she had dealt with this in the past and knew how to handle it. I squealed and squirmed when I had my first bath. I was afraid of the running bath water, but enjoyed the shower. It took both my mommy & daddy to bathe me. I guess after I was toweled dried and massaged, the bath wasn’t so bad after all!

I am being educated in music. I am learning to love “The Rock”; (that’s Rachmaninoff for those of you who don’t know) and other classical music. In addition, my daddy likes the 40’s music and my mommy gets energized with the 50’s.

I am obsessed with playing ball and now have found my voice, when I want to play more. I have lots of squeaky toy friends and at night, I like to sleep with my beaver. I still cry from time to time, but am getting better about it. My family always says Nala’s home after I have been out to the doctor or shopping.

I am enjoying the cool indoors and sleeping in a bed. I guess you can say I am “Queen of the Manor”.

Kisses, Paws & Waggin’ Tales to all the Goldens & everyone at RAGofAZ! ~ Nala


Rescue a Golden of Arizona goes the extra miles to rescue these dogs. They have happy stories and a few sad stories. You must check them out and also consider buying some bracelets. All are made with donated beads and cost $20. No two bracelets are alike. You can buy them online (add $5.50 S&H) and you can also buy them locally here in Tucson at:

–Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Avenue, 624-9954
–Clues Unlimited Mystery Book Store, 3146 E. Fort. Lowell Road (SE corner Country Club), 326-8533 (closed Sun/Mon)
-A K Jensen Apparel, (St. Philips Plaza), 4340 N. Campbell Ave., Suite 72, 529-2775