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Wild about Tucson No Kill Cat Shelter – PAWSitively Cats

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PAWSitively Cats rock!
PAWSitively Cats rock!

PAWSitively Cats is a no-kill cat shelter in Tucson. Currently there are more than 300 cats on the premises that need to be fed and have their litter boxes cleaned. While some cats are looking for loving homes, many cats live out their lives in the feline leukemia house.

Last few days to buy beautiful one-of-a-kind Beading Divas bracelets to benefit the cats.

For only $10/month you can help a kitty or many kitties by joining the “PAWS Club.” It’s easy and satisfying. If 1,000 cat lovers donated $10/every month, most of the monthly expenses would be covered. Are you one in a thousand?

Here is their wishlist:

--Cat litter (any)
--Dry cat food (Kirkland, from Costco)
--Canned cat food (Friskies pate’ style)
--Cleaning supplies: bleach, laundry detergent,  blue or yellow sponges, non-floral scented floor cleaner
--Reliable pick up truck, van or SUV for transporting cats and supplies
--Commercial building to house our cats (to remove the burden of paying rent!)
--Scratching posts
--Volunteers to help with cat care, cleaning, yard work, transportation, laundry, fundraising
--Grant writers
--Silk-screening for T-shirts

Donations may be dropped off at 3255 & 3261 N. Flanwill Blvd or 3432 E. Ft. Lowell between 10 am and 2 pm Mon-Sat, or you call 289-2747 to make an appointment. Small items may also be dropped off at the Petco stores in Oro Valley Market Place or 22nd St. & Harrison.

If you’re thinking about adopting a cat, you can also meet PAWSitively Cats this coming weekend at Hi Corbett Field for Oktoberfest from September 27-September 30. Hi Corbett Field is located at 3400 E. Camino Campestre (off Country Club Dr. south of Broadway).

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