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School Daze by Tucson Jett Greyhound

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5 year old kids learn about greyhounds
5 year old kids learn about greyhounds

School Daze by Tucson Greyhound Jett

Written by Jett Greyhound

Howdy my dear friends. My human Karyn rarely lets me blog as she is either goofing off or working or being the bon vivant she is. Sorry for my tardiness in reporting.

During the week of May 14, we were busy. We went to two different schools. I – Jett Greyhound – am in demand.

On Tuesday May 15, Karyn, Ms. Vigo, and I went to a new school around 12th Avenue & Ajo Way. It was a beautiful elementary school and all the children were so well behaved. We visited a kindergarten class. Ms. Vigo did a short lesson on greyhound racing using a PowerPoint demonstration.

After the lesson, Karyn asked the tiny kids to raise their hand if they were afraid of big dogs. Most of them raised their hand. So Karyn explained how to pet a dog. All the kids gathered around me and petted me. I’m not scary and I love the loving.

Then Ms. Vigo gave them some greyhound pictures to color. The class also gave us a colorful collage. It was a wonderful morning. As usual I confidently pranced around the halls like I owned them.

Tucson greyhound Jett visits school
Don’t blame the dog for loss of homework.

Then on Thursday, May 17 we went to Ms. Vigo’s middle school classes where I have gone several times before. I should be their new mascot because whenever I enter the grounds, many kids remember me and come over to say, “Hi Jett!” Then we went in the office to sign in and I got some love in there too.

Usually I walk around the class and lick ever kid while Karyn talks and the kids ask questions, then I go lie on my bed until the next class comes in. I am a super star. I participate in two different classes.

Here are some notes, the kids wrote to me:

“Hi Jett. You seem like a great greyhound. Nice meeting you.”

“You are so adorable!! I don’t even have to test your running skills (heart, heart).”

“Be a good dog, I know you are.” (happy face)

“You are a brave soul Jett! We love you!!!”

“Hi Jett, I’m sorry about greyhound racing but I’m glad you are free!”

“You cool.”

“Hi Jett, I heard you were a nice dog! I’m glad you don’t have to be in that horrible place anymore! Good thing you have a loving owner.”

“You are so cute!”

“Thank you for coming. I have never met a dog this quiet.”

“Forget the bad memories.”

“You are so cute, strong, and a role model much like a human. Thanks for coming cutie.” (happy face)

So there you have it. Every time I come home from one of these outings, I am pooped but I so love to go.

Adopt a greyhound
My bed is my castle.

Yet, another school wanted us to visit…but we ran out of time as Karyn was going on vacation. I am always happy to come to your school and I’ll bring Karyn with me.

My school spirit even made the PETA newsletter.

When Karyn went on vacation, I had my own adventures but will save that for another time.

Remember…What you see, is what you Jett…

Love from the Jett-Setter