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Tucson Cold Wet Noses – another happy ending – May special fundraiser

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Otis and Sampson are rescues
Otis and Sampson are rescues

A story from Sandi, foster volunteer for Tucson Cold Wet Noses

“I was at PACC picking up a dog for someone when I saw a gorgeous terrified dog being taken to the back. I had never seen one so frightened. PACC personnel were literally having to drag him back and his tail was completely between his legs. I asked what his future held and was told that he would be temperament tested.

I was worried for him so the next day I asked Signe (Tucson Cold Wet Noses president) to check on him for me. It took her a while to find him and when she did he was already labeled as a fear biter possibility and scheduled to be euthanized.

She asked them to test him again and had to sign a special waiver but brought him home for me.

He is one of the most unique looking dogs I’ve every seen – golden eyes that don’t seem to blink. He looks very intimidating but that dog has never once in his life even lifted his lip at a person; he just has to stare them down! He ended up with a horrible case of dog flu or maybe distemper. I don’t remember if it ever got diagnosed but he came very close to dying and took a lot of nursing and TLC.
This was after just one day at PACC.

This is one more lesson in why dogs should be kept up to date on vaccinations-he probably would have been fine if his owner had made sure he was up to date before they walked in and surrendered him. He was adopted by someone that didn’t work out and we took him back and then a friend of mine agreed to foster Otis until he was adopted again, but of course, Chris fell in love with Otis and kept him.

Now Otis and his buddy Sampson are inseparable.” (Otis is on the left in the photo above.)

A happy ending. The Beading Divas to the Rescue LOVE happy endings!

In our Tucson community, Cold Wet Noses does amazing things to help the animals. We courage you to buy a bracelets ($20) to benefit their cause or simply make a donation to them.

Locally, you can buy bracelets at:

-Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Avenue, 624-9954
-Coyote Wore Sideburns Hair Salon, 630 N. 4th Avenue, 623-7341
-Sissy’s Pet Grooming Salon, 7350 N. La Cholla Blvd (in Albertsons Shopping Center), 229-9898

Coiled bracelets are one-of-a-kind made with donated beads; one size fits most. Bracelets come with a paw charm.

You can also buy bracelets online (add $5.50 S&H). All bracelets sales sold online will be matched by an anonymous Cold Wet Noses adopter. So, one bracelet for $20 translates into $40 to CWN. It’s a generous offer and an encouragement to shop online.