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Tucson greyhound Jett meets famous mystery writer and Miss Pima County

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Jett Greyhound meets David Rosenfelt
Jett loves David Rosenfelt

Written by Jett Greyhound

In case your are clueless, I am the JETT-Setter.

The photo on top is me and my person meeting the world-famous mystery writer David Rosenfelt. My person coordinated a fundraiser for the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. In this photo we are at Clues Unlimited mystery bookstore in Tucson. A big kissy THANK YOU goes to Chris Burke and to Mr. Rosenfelt for permitting this awesomely fun and fundraising event to happen.

Chris has a greyhound named Canelo and he’s the store dog. A Golden Retriever was also present but when I tried to make friends, all I got were growls so that was that. I worked the people crowd instead. Jerry and Kathy Tucker are my new best friends and Auntie Jean Rettus always makes me smile.

People bought chances to have their pet’s name in David Rosenfelt’s next book. Lots of greyhounds were entered plus other dog breeds as well as cats and three pot-bellied pigs from 24 states and the UK. As luck would have it, Cuveé won!  Cuveé lives in Tucson and greets customers at CataVinos Wine Shoppe.

Cuvee the rescue dog
Won the mystery contest!

Aside from a famous author, I have met Kyra Batte, Miss Pima County 2011. She is pretty, sparkly, and smells nice.  I went to a photo shoot for The Pet Friendly Traveler.    Our friend Edie Jarolim wrote the script and I was one of a few dogs paw-stur-ing in front of the camera. I’m a natural. I’m in this video!

Much more in my life has happened as I have many more 4-legged friends now but I’ll save that for next time…

Until then…what you see is what you JETT…Greyhound – xox


  1. Kate K
    Kate K

    Jett-setter, what an interesting life you lead with your human Karyn. Always up to something new!

    July 18, 2011
  2. Judy Olsen
    Judy Olsen

    Hi Jett, I love hearing about your antics from your very funny human Karyn. She is a fabulous person and very talented writer with the biggest heart in Tucson!

    July 25, 2011

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