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Greyhound Humor: Incorrigible

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Lily Greyhound
Drama Queen chills out

I am in-cor-ri-gi-ble. Mama Karyn always say that to me.

Here’s the story.

You know I turned 12 on October 20 and I did not have a birthday party like I usually do.  Mama Karyn said she was busy with a big fundraising event and then there was the remodel and so my day came and went relatively unnoticed. I did get a beautiful collar from Greyt Escape and a peanut butter Kong but no real frivolity.

Mama Karyn said my party is coming.  I’m still waiting for my tiara and to fawned over by friends.

I am in-cor-ri-gi-ble because I still chew stuff. Yep, that’s my hobby. Some hounds like to dig holes or do agility but I excel at chewing stuff.

What have I chewed or destroyed lately?

  • Poop bags but there was no poop in them
  • Slippers
  • Socks
  • Lots of paper – Karyn has so much paper in her office that she’s not going to miss anything that I’ve chewed or so she is hoping. One day I swept everything off her desk including her clock. Why? Because I could.
  • I take stuff out of wastebaskets and spread it around the house sort of like confetti on New Year’s Day.
  • One day she left the pantry open and I ate these funky dog biscuits; they were stale. I ate them anyway.
  • Sandee’s pantie liner – Karyn said that was too kinky and don’t talk about that in public.

She just bought these cool turquoise boots and I know she is going to be out-to-lunch in a hurry one day and then I’ll have my way with them.

Mama Karyn is so dumb sometimes. She comes home and obviously the place is a mess because I was busy messing it up and she says, “Did you do this?”  Duh.  Who does she think did it – the boogie man? I usually look her in the eye and wag my tail and walk away.

Other than being in-cor-ri-gi-ble, life is great here.

Love you, mean it

Ta Ta for now

Lily aka Drama Queen


  1. Elizabeth Bobick
    Elizabeth Bobick

    Lily, You are too much, girlfriend. Sorry the poop bags were empty. That would have been quite a delicacy.

    Hope you’re birthday party is fabulous. Candy

    December 20, 2009
  2. Jean Rettus
    Jean Rettus

    Oh Lily, you are a riot. I’m glad my Laila can’t read this because your action would give her new ideas that she could add to her repertoire. Hope to see you soon, darling Lily!

    December 20, 2009
  3. Lily looks oh-so-innocent in that picture. Chew up paper and poop bags — moi?

    December 20, 2009
  4. Is that your new collar you are wearing? Hope you had a greyt party after all.

    December 30, 2009

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