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Tucson: Buy bracelets to save greyhounds

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Buy bracelets to save injured greyhounds from the Tucson dog track that otherwise might be euthanized .Coco4

Coco fell while being schooled for greyhound racing at 18 months. She broke her pelvis on both sides. The vet gave her a 50/50 chance to walk again. Greyhounds2Go decided to give her the chance to heal.

Coco had to be helped outside to go to the bathroom. A month later the pelvis is still broken but Coco is healing slowly. She still needs more healing time before being spayed. Coco has received physical therapy and pain meds. Two months later Coco continues to improve and is gaining weight and getting her strength back. When she is well enough she will be spayed.

Buy a bracelet or donate directly to Greyhounds2Go. Thank you

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