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Greyhound Humor: Drama Queen Speaks

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Sneaking Off with 5 Pounds of Treats

originally posted Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

Yo, BFFs
 Today mama Karyn was rushing around like she always does and she ran out of the house. Bye Bye!

 The first thing I do when she leaves is see if she left any food on the counter. One time she left a ro-tis-ser-ie chicken. I ate most of it, bones and all.

Another time she left the but-ta dish. I knocked the but-ta dish to the ground and ate the but-ta. It was smooth. One time she left some smelly blue cheese on the counter. I took it and at that time Painter was still here and he ate the wrapping. We shared.

 I checked the counter but, no–there was nothing there.

But aha, silly me, she left the pantry door open. That is what I like to call a buffet.

I saw this big bag of treats and it called my name. When I eat treats, I like to take them to my dog bed in mama’s bedroom. So I huffed and puffed and huffed and puffed and carried the FIVE POUND BAG into the bedroom.

Rats! I could not open the bag. I couldn’t believe it.

She takes dental treats out of the bag so how come I couldn’t open the bag?

Then she came back. At first she didn’t notice but then she did and she LAUGHED really hard. I personally didn’t think it was that funny.
She gave me a dental treat. It was not exactly a happy ending.


Pins and Needles

(originally posted Wednesday, December 26th, 2007)

Yo, BFFs

My beautiful hind legs started to shake badly and mama Karyn was worried. She took me to see Dr. Forrer at Sunrise Pet Clinic. The first day they examined me. I screamed out when they touched something on my back.

The next time Dr. Janet stuck needles into me. It didn’t hurt and I was a brave girl except the last needle HURT SO BAD that I screamed aloud. OWIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

A few days passed and back we go for more. Dr. Janet is real nice and she has great treats but I’m still nervous. Mama Karyn told her that my back legs stopped shaking and that I was running around and digging up holes in the yard like my old self.

This time the needles go in and I did fine. She even put a needle in the re-nal me-ri-di-an which was a big OWIEEE last time and did not bother me this time. I laid down on the blankie and just relaxed, sort of. No biggie.

The vet tech and Dr. Janet and Karyn told me what a beautiful, brave girl I am.

I already knew that.

Love you. Mean it.  Lily a.k.a. Drama Queen