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Accepting Blondie

Posted in Beamers Couch

It was Blondie’s time to go into foster care until the right adopter came along. Still wobbly from the anesthetic after being spayed, Blondie zig zagged from the vet’s office to my car. A quick hoist, and she was settled in the back of the car and we headed for home.

I pulled into the garage and immediately heard barking coming from the house. How nice, they are anxious to meet their new friend. After all, I’ve been telling them about their new roommate for a couple of days. Hardly, they are ready for dinner and letting me know that I’m late. I opened the door to the kitchen and my three burst into the garage and performed the usual routine of chasing each other around the car a few times before thrusting their bodies against mine demanding attention, and I obliged.

The back windows in the car were down and my greyhound, Beamer, was the first to spot the pretty blond grey in the back of the car. Beamer’s paws hit the side of the car and linked noses with Blondie. I could tell from Beamer’s tail whipping back and forth that he was delighted.

Once my three settled down, I opened the back of the car, lifted Blondie onto the ground and guided her into the house and straight through the doggie door, with three fur balls following behind. 

This is what I think I heard: 

Beamer:         Hey, it’s a greyhound and a girl – way to go Mom. 

Ice:                  Oh my God, another dog that I have to train that I’m the boss around here. 

Daisie:            I hope she’s not bossy, you know how I hate that. Do we live in a doggie motel? One goes out the front door and another arrives through the garage.

 Beamer:         Quit whining you two. It’s a greyhound and that’s all that matters to me. 

Daisie:            Good, now you can stop nipping my neck and nip hers – and I hope she lets you have it – you’re such a pest when you do that.

 Blondie:          The goof ball greyhound is already an ally. My gentle nature will appeal to Daisie, and my charming personality and good looks will let Ice think he’s in charge. All I have to do is schmooze the Mom so that I can ascend to my natural throne of princess. This is such an easy gig. Female greys rule!  

Mom:              I’m hooked.