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Tucson Greyhound Injury Update

Posted in Devastating Accident, and Fundraisingxyz

The Arizona Animal Fair was a good day for greyhound vet bill fundraising.

We raised a whopping $561.00!

The bracelets glistened in the sun like a dazzling beacon singing – Come Buy Me!  They drew women in like a dark chocolate factory.

We lost track of the number of bracelets sold as there were many donations too.

People said they read about Lizzie’s story and the greyhound accident in the newspaper.

Thank you to Greyt Escape and Desert Dog News for allowing us to participate under your banner. It was a hot day, but well worth it.

Paws 4 a Cause was collecting money too.

Our next beading bee is March 8 and we’ll get another accounting and will post  an update at the time. I’m sure we’re getting near the fini$h line.

There are more bracelets for sale at Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Avenue, 624-9954 and online at (scroll to page 2 and 3).

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